Cricket shocker: Angelo Mathews ‘Timed Out’ in historic World Cup dismissal

Posted on Nov 6 2023 - 10:06pm by cricketherald

In an electrifying twist during the World Cup clash at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka fell prey to a rare and dramatic ‘timed out’ dismissal – a first for international 50-over cricket. As the cricket world buzzed, the sensational event unfolded in Delhi, setting the stage for a never-before-seen spectacle in the sport’s storied history.

Shakib Al Hasan’s Appeal Triggers Shockwave The ground erupted into controversy when Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan, in a bold move, appealed for a ‘timed out’ dismissal against Mathews, leaving fans and players in disbelief. The on-field umpires, stunned, confirmed Shakib’s intent not once but twice, igniting a moment that will be etched in cricket lore forever.

The Clock Strikes Against Mathews Under the spotlight of the World Cup, Mathews faced an unexpected adversary – the relentless march of time. The ICC’s stringent rule dictated that the incoming batsman must be pitch-ready within two minutes post-dismissal. Mathews, caught in a tangle of circumstance and with the clock as his judge, stepped onto the field at the very brink of his time limit and was ruled out four minutes past his arrival – the helmet strap mishap only adding fuel to the fiery drama.

Fourth Umpire’s Clarification Adds to the Frenzy Adrian Holdstock, the fourth umpire, laid bare the facts, confirming that Mathews had already breached the critical two-minute boundary before his equipment issues even surfaced. With precision, the TV umpire’s countdown and the on-field umpires’ decision collided to mark a momentous, albeit controversial, chapter in cricket history.

Mathews’ Fury and the Stroll to Infamy The aftermath saw an incensed Mathews, his emotions as raw as the spectacle itself, brandishing his defective helmet to coach Chris Silverwood, then casting it aside in a fit of rage. His stormy retreat to the dressing room became the walk of a man who had unwittingly stepped into the annals of cricket as the first to be ‘timed out’ in an ODI World Cup game.

‘Timed Out’: A Rarity Etched in Record Books This shocking ‘timed out’ episode marked only the seventh instance in men’s cricket and a groundbreaking first in the one-day format. The rare rule, more at home in the annals of first-class cricket, made a thunderous debut in the 50-over arena, leaving a trail of debate and an unforgettable mark on the World Cup stage.