BPL 2024 : Fortune Barishal withdraws match-fixing claims against Shoaib Malik

Posted on Jan 28 2024 - 11:57am by cricketherald

In an unexpected and dramatic turn of events, the Bangladesh Premier League franchise, Fortune Barishal, has retracted the fixing aspersion cast on their star player, Shoaib Malik. This sensational reversal came just hours after team owner Mizanur Rahman publicly urged the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) to investigate Malik’s performance in a recent match.

Mizanur Rahman’s Initial Accusations and Subsequent U-Turn

The cricket world was set ablaze when Rahman, quoted on a private TV channel, raised suspicions over Malik’s three no-balls in one over during the match against Khulna Tigers. Rahman’s comments intensified the scrutiny, with the BCB’s ACU reportedly investigating the matter. However, in a striking shift, Rahman took to the team’s Facebook page to quash the very allegations he had fanned, emphasizing his deep protest against these rumors and lauding Malik’s contributions to the team.

BPL 2024 : Shoaib Malik Cleared of Fixing Charges by Fortune Barishal

BPL 2024 : Shoaib Malik Cleared of Fixing Charges by Fortune Barishal

Fortune Barishal’s Owner Expresses Regret Over Comments

Mizanur has reportedly expressed regret over his choice of words, clarifying that his televised comments were mere personal thoughts, not an official stance. He acknowledged the inappropriateness of his remarks, which he felt should not have been made public.

Contract Termination Rumors Dismissed

Mizanur also put to rest rumors about terminating Malik’s contract due to fixing allegations. He revealed that Malik’s departure to the UAE for a media engagement led to a mutual decision for him not to return to the team. This decision was based on logistic considerations rather than any allegations.

Shoaib Malik’s Firm Stance Against Rumors

Amidst the swirling rumors, Shoaib Malik issued a strong statement refuting the baseless allegations. Malik emphasized his commitment to the game and urged the public to exercise caution and rely on credible sources before spreading such rumors.

The Fortune Barishal incident involving Shoaib Malik highlights the fragility of reputations in the high-stakes world of professional cricket. The rapid escalation and subsequent retraction of the fixing allegations reveal the intense pressure and scrutiny faced by players. This episode serves as a reminder of the need for responsible discourse in sports media and the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of speculation.